Welcome to Flying Scholars! We will help you fulfil your ambitions to study, travel and work abroad in your chosen field of research.
Our experience tells us that today research and mobility go hand in hand. Maybe the possibilities seem too numerous, and you would appreciate some guidance to navigate the wide open seas of research career paths. Or simply, to help you decide to take the plunge for the first time moving abroad.
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A willingness to travel internationally and at times to live, study and work in another country…

These are essential for anyone who aspires to:

– Gain the most complete education possible and add that ‘extra dimension’ to a CV/résumé to improve career prospects

 – Maximise opportunities for grants and research funding and achieve a first-rate research placement or ‘post doc’ position

– Network face-to-face, raise your profile, and build lasting relationships in the research world

Let Flying Scholars help you achieve your goals!
facilitando la movilidad

Facilitating International Mobility

Our experience tells us that just because it is right for you to become internationally mobile, it is not necessarily so easy in reality. You will be dealing with new surroundings, a different culture, strange procedures, and perhaps another language. That is where we come in. We have done it, and we know what it can be like.

Are you about to embark on your next adventure abroad? ¿Are you planning a research placement or looking for a job abroad? Traveling is a great way of learning, and Flying Scholars believes that an informed traveller is a safe one. Whatever stage you’re at right now, we can help.

Flying Scholars will provide you with  useful information about your trip abroad and help you settle down upon your arrival in the new country.

Researcher Support Services

You might have been invited to travel and present to a foreign research group or at a conference. Or you may be willing to publish in an international journal or applying for grants to fund your research project and need some guidance. Flying Scholars can translate or edit your scientific texts, or help you practice an important presentation. Ask us about your language need!

You might already have an offer to study or work abroad: we can help you prepare for your relocation to a new country and to settle-in once you are there.

We are here to help you!

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